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Shona for Intermediate (B1-B2) 5 Lessons Package


This course will improve your communication effectiveness with your Shona friends and relatives by helping you:

1) improve speaking clarity by focusing on intonation and linking so you sound more natural to native speakers

2) improve Shona communication in one-on-one settings, including small talk and opening, carrying, and closing conversations

3) improve and practice Shona communication in in-person group meetings (role play)

After the course, you will be able to:

  • Understand more on the Shona speaking culture
  • Have a solid Shona vocabulary base i.e. verbs, nouns, conjunctions, tenses,
  • construct simple phrases in Shona
  • conjugate verbs correctly
  • better express yourself with grammatically correct sentences
  • use Shona words freely
  • Improved intonation so you sound more like a native
  • gain confidence to start conversations

5 individual lessons done via Skype, Google meet or zoom. Each lesson is 50 minutes long.



5 individual lessons done via Skype or zoom. Each lesson is 50 minutes long.


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