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    Single Shona Lesson

    You are not fluent in Shona and that means you are struggling to communicate with your friends and relatives who speak Shona? It’s not your fault, and you can fix this right away.  I had to deal with this too in the past and it’s not easy. But whilst it might not be your fault…. If you don’t DEAL WITH THIS, then you might feel very lonely as you continue to drift far away from your friends and relatives because you cannot communicate fluently in Shona.

    This is a single lesson for the level you wish to study.


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  • learn shona in 10 weeks

    Learn Shona in 10 Weeks Crash Program

    The ultimate goal of this program I’m offering is to help you improve your communication skills in Shona. At the end of the program, you will have everything you need so that your friends and relatives can understand you clearly when you speak in Shona.

    This program has 3 pillars and lasts for 10 weeks.

    In pillar [1]

    We will use 2 weeks to cover Shona speaking culture and Shona vocabulary. At the end of this pillar, you will not only understand the culture in the Shona-speaking world but master the vocabulary that allows you to use idioms, expressions, and phrases to better express yourself.

    In pillar [2]

    We will use 5 weeks to work on your pronunciation and skills to conduct one-on-one and group conversations in Shona. At the end of this pillar, you will significantly improve your Shona communication clarity so your friends and relatives can understand you clearly and have confidence while participating in family conversations both in person and virtually.

    In pillar [3]

    We will use 2 weeks to practice your Shona writing. At the end of this pillar, you will know how to write Shona phrases that leave a great impression.

    To summarize, after [10 weeks], you will be able to master all Shona vocabulary that is necessary to better express yourself in Shona, improve your communication skills so you feel comfortable and confident speaking up with family and friends.

    After that, we will have one last meeting in week 10 to wrap up the program and make sure you’ve got everything you expected.

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  • Discounted Trial Lesson

    Discounted Trial Lesson

    This is a discounted 25 minute trial lesson. help us to understand your learning needs so we can help you effectively.

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  • speak shona

    Freetalk – Shona Conversations (B2 – C2) 5 Lessons Package

    This is free talk sessions. Designed for those that want to perfect their Shona speaking skills with a native. The student can suggest a topic or ask me to.

    Free talk sessions are meant to:

    1. sharpen your listening and speaking skills

    2. Improve your intonation skills

    3.  Reconnect to the sound of your mother language (if you are a Shona native)

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