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11 Interesting Things To Do In Victoria Falls


If you are thinking of visiting Zimbabwe, Victoria Falls is one magnificent place you should visit. Here are 11 interesting things you can do and enjoy yourself in Victoria Falls.


Victoria Falls is a spectacular waterfall rated among the world’s seven natural wonders. It was first identified by the Tonga people who inhabited the area called the Waterfall Mosi-oa-Tunya. This means the smoke that thunders. They named it due to the thunderous roar of the water and the misty cloud formed as it plummeted down a cliff to the gorges below. The European missionary and explorer David Livingstone discovered the Mosi-oa-Tunya in 1855. He publicized the incredible waterfall to the world and later named it after the then queen of England during that era.


The falls are formed as the Zambezi River flows off a sheer basalt cliff 1708 metres wide plunging 100 metres down to a stream at the bottom making it the biggest single waterfall in the world! It produces a continuous mist cloud that you can see from a distance of about 50 kilometres away spiralling about 400 metres up into the lower sky. You can hear the sound too from a distance of about 40 kilometres away. As mist comes back to the ground, it waters nurture trees and ferns of the nearer part of the evergreen rainforest. UNESCO has declared the Victoria Falls a World Natural Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The best time to visit the falls is between February and May during the peak of the rains when volumes of the falls will be great.



The Victoria Falls are in Matabeleland North Province of Zimbabwe along the Zambezi River at the border with Zambia. The Victoria Falls town which owes its name to the waterfalls is a hub of tourism in Zimbabwe.


Climatic conditions

One can visit the Victoria Falls all year round as the climatic conditions are generally favourable.

It is very hot in summer and cold in winter. The average annual temperature is 22.6 Celsius. There is little rainfall falling throughout the year averaging around 684 mm.


visit zimbabwe

11 Interesting things to do 


There are lots of interesting things for the visitor in Victoria Falls.


The bridge

The visitor can have time to view the magnificent Victoria Falls bridge, a structural engineering marvel constructed in 1905. The bridge spans the incredible Batoka gorge creating a heart-stopping view.


Game viewing

The Victoria Falls National Park is also known as the Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park and the Zambezi National Park offer a variety of wildlife species to the visitor. This includes the big five animals namely elephant, lion, buffalo, leopard and rhinoceros. Whilst viewing the game the visitor can also savour the evergreen vegetation in the Victoria Falls rain forest.


The Victoria Falls Rain Forest

Home to a variety of rare bird species, animals and trees the evergreen rainforest gives the visitor a stunning experience of untempered natural forest. The National parks are part of the great forest.


The Devil’s Pool

Perched at the edge of the waterfalls is the spectacular pool known as the Devil’s Pool. However, this pool can clearly be accessed from the Zambian side. Visitors can swim in the pool especially during the dry season when volumes of the water are low.


Bungee jumping

The visitor can be treated to a breathtaking bungee jumping experience from the Victoria falls bridge to the gorges of the Zambezi River.


White water rafting

Water rafting in the mighty Zambezi River is one of the water sports which can be part of the visitor’s routines before or viewing the waterfalls


Water cruising

The Zambezi river is superb for water cruising adventures which will give the visitor an unforgettable and enjoyable experience at the Victoria falls


Tiger and bream fishing

To the visitor to whom tiger or bream fishing is a passion, Victoria falls is a haven as it avails unrivalled aquatic environments for tournaments.


Helicopter flights

The visitor at the spectacular Victoria falls will take helicopter flights over the falls for an aerial view of the waterfall and its environs.


Art and curious

The nearby Victoria falls city is awash with beautiful artwork and curios from the local people depicting life and events of the area including cultural heritage.


Crocodile Park

Also of note, as one visits the Victoria Falls is a visit to nearby the Crocodile Park showcasing the giant reptiles


The Victoria Falls also boasts of world-class hotels and lodges offering golfing facilities. Other interesting highlights of the Victoria falls include natural events like the Victoria falls jazz festival, the Victoria falls carnival and the Victoria Falls Marathon.



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