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  • Discounted Trial Lesson

    Discounted Trial Lesson

    This is a discounted 25 minute trial lesson. help us to understand your learning needs so we can help you effectively.

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  • speak shona

    Freetalk – Shona Conversations (B2 – C2) 5 Lessons Package

    This is free talk sessions. Designed for those that want to perfect their Shona speaking skills with a native. The student can suggest a topic or ask me to.

    Free talk sessions are meant to:

    1. sharpen your listening and speaking skills

    2. Improve your intonation skills

    3.  Reconnect to the sound of your mother language (if you are a Shona native)

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  • Shona for expats

    Shona For Expats Working in Zimbabwe (A1-C2) 5 lessons package

    Condensed Shona programme to help business professionals strike meaningful business deals in Zimbabwe through improved communication effectiveness. I use a structured system to deliver this course.

    This programme is targeted at:

    •  ex-pats living in (or relocating to) Zimbabwe
    • Business people doing business in Zimbabwe

    after the programme you will be able to:

    • Speak Shona fluently
    • Understand more on the Shona culture
    • Have a meaningful Shona conversation with natives
    • Express better business ideas to Zimbabwean locals


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  • shona for beginners

    Shona For Beginners A1-A2 (5 lessons package)

    This course is an introduction to the Shona Language. it is designed to help you

    1) understand the speaking culture in Zimbabwe

    2) master sufficient Shona vocabulary, including vowels, consonants, nouns, phonemes and Verbs

    3) improve speaking clarity by correcting vowels and consonants students have troubles with.

    After this course you will be able to:

    • Understand more on the Shona speaking culture
    • Have a solid Shona vocabulary base i.e. verbs, nouns, conjunctions, tenses,
    • construct simple phrases in Shona
    • conjugate verbs correctly
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